A touching cry for help

Yesterday I received a very touching message. I asked the author for and received permission to share the message.

I’m sure you will relate — as I did — because we’ve all been there (or are there now):

I started reading The China Study. I’m only on page 38, but thus far it’s pretty convincing. I have been thinking a lot about food/diet stuff. I’ve been thinking a lot for the last several months about my diet.

I’ve been so unhappy with it all. I hate the way I eat, the way I look, and the way I feel, and I have for a long time now. I really have felt like something’s gotta give. I have known that I need to change something, I just always thought I needed to stop eating cookies and pizza. Now I’m thinking it might be more than that.

Since you’ve already gone through all this, I was hoping you could help me. I don’t really know where to start or what to change first, and I know I shouldn’t do it all at once. Can you help me?

I don’t want to be like everyone else. I don’t want to feel like crap anymore. I don’t want to take prescription drugs anymore. Most of all, I don’t want to feel like a prisoner anymore. I have been enslaved by what I put in my mouth, and I need to take control of the situation. At this point, I have lost control, and I don’t like feeling that way. I want something better for myself, and I’m willing to open my mind now to things I may have previously shunned.

Can you/will you help me get started?

My reply:

Of course, I will do my best to help. :-)

Believe it or not, your feelings and frustrations are VERY common. However, you are luckier than most, because you’re aware enough to realize that your diet may be involved in what you’re going through.

I think there’s a good chance raw foods can help you. Of course I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s definitely worth a try.

I know you feel like you have lost control… But believe it or not, it is precisely because of your being proactive and inquisitive — reading, learning, and thinking — that you are now in the process of taking  control again! You could have just sat down in front of the tube with a pint of ice cream, but instead you took ACTION — started reading the book, sitting down and thoroughly enumerating your feelings in this email. You are no longer drifting with the flow of the river, you are steering the boat. For more about the boat and the river, see this. :-)

Begin by finishing The China Study.

Then read Volume 1 of the Raw Food Diet Blueprint. It’s primarily focused on weight loss, but most of the principles apply even when your primary concern is health, energy, or how crappy you feel.

Don’t feel like you have to make a bunch of drastic changes all at once. You can ease into it. You need to find the “sweet spot” that works for YOU, and the best way is to go gradually. Some people jump right in at 100%, and that’s exactly what they needed, and it works for them. But most people who attempt that hit a big wall (a personal one), “fail,” and come away discouraged. So take it slow. It does require patience, but you’re much more likely to reach that special point of happiness that way.

And of course, I am always available for questions. :-)

You’re on a great trajectory. Keep up the momentum…


How My Mom Lost 36.6 Pounds in 3 1/2 Months with a Raw Food Diet


I turned my very own Mom on to raw foods just over 3 months ago.

Imagine my surprise when I talked to her on the phone last month, and she told me she’d lost 33 pounds already!

She’s also feeling great and more energetic than ever before.  She’s well on her way to realizing her health and weight goals.

I started thinking about how her experience might be able to help YOU succeed with raw foods.

Well it just so happened that I spent the holidays with Mom. I thought it would be a great opportunity to sit down and “grill” her about how she did it.

So that if you’re also looking to lose weight, you can just copy what she did! This is called modelling, and it’s a powerful shortcut to reaching your goals. Hey, if my Mom can do it, why not you?

Well, Mom graciously agreed to be interviewed! Below are videos we made where she generously shares the details of her experience. She also answers several questions that people wrote in with.

She really hopes her experience can be helpful to others who are struggling with their weight. So much so, she surprised me (and perhaps even herself!) by sharing some deeply personal details never before revealed — not even to me!

It ended up being so jam-packed with “meaty” information that I had to split it into 3 separate videos!

I’ve included a handy timeline below each video.

Oh, one last thing — be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you found to be the most helpful/useful/beneficial information!

Thank you Mom!!

Part 1

  • 0:03 Introduction
  • 1:56 How old are you?
  • 3:00 What was your original weight?
  • 3:26 What is your target weight?
  • 4:08 When was the last time you were at your target weight?
  • 4:55 How long have you struggled with your weight?
  • 5:30 What caused the weight to come on?
  • 6:58 What did you do to get these results?
  • 10:20 Where did you learn about the raw food diet?
  • 12:48 Has the raw food diet played a significant role in your weight loss?
  • 14:19 How often do you weigh yourself?
  • 15:25 Don’t you get bored of raw foods?
  • 17:35 Do you need to have super-human willpower?
  • 18:37 Is the raw food diet limiting?

Part 2

  • 0:03 What do you eat in a typical day?
  • 2:18 How do you choose raw foods with cookies and cake in front of you?
  • 3:35 What about cravings?
  • 4:49 How have you (mostly) escaped the battle with cravings?
  • 6:31 Craving eggs and cheese
  • 7:00 What triggered your craving?
  • 7:40 Have you had to be careful about eating too much fat?
  • 9:00 Do you measure or weigh your food?
  • 9:30 How does the raw food diet compare to your prior weight loss attempts?
  • 14:24 Has food prep been hard or time consuming for you on the raw food diet?
  • 16:16 Are there any other keys to your success?

Part 3

  • 0:11 Darlene’s questions
  • 0:37 “My biggest concern is I want to look healthy and feel healthy.”
  • 3:00 “I don’t want to be hungry.”
  • 4:18 “Is there anything I can do to keep from sagging?”
  • 5:39 “What about high blood pressure?”
  • 7:37 Dawn’s questions
  • 8:33 “Any health issues you’ve seen improvement in?”
  • 11:04 “What raw foods have you been eating for 3 months? Simple or gourmet?”
  • 13:07 “What about older women?”
  • 14:04 “How do you stick to raw foods for the long term?”
  • 15:42 “What percentage raw are you doing right now?”
  • 17:06 Shannon’s questions
  • 17:40 “Did you jump in 100% raw or go gradual?”
  • 18:59 “Was it hard to stay raw?”
  • 19:11 “How did you fight cravings?”
  • 19:50 “Is honey raw?”
  • 24:42 “Was food prep hard or easy?”
  • 26:16 “Do you exercise?”

Here’s a link to the Raw Food Diet Blueprint that was mentioned. It even has a 14 day meal plan to get you started easily.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what was the most interesting part of the videos!

The “Lazy Person’s” Secret to Success


Reaching your goals and achieving success is hard, right?

There are so many different paths to achieving your goals. How do you know you’re on the right track?

Well I’ve found that there’s one path that’s a shortcut. One that offers a higher chance for success.

No matter what you’re fixin’ to do. Whether your goal is career, relationship, financial… Or weight. Or health. Or raw foods.

Many of the world’s most highly successful people know this secret. And they use it over and over again to propel themselves higher and higher.

It’s got to be something that’s out of reach for “normal” people, right?

Absolutely not! It’s really quite simple. And everyone can do it.

Here’s how:

Find someone who’s already achieved what you want. Study how they did it. Then do the exact same things they did!

This is called “modelling.” It’s a very powerful concept. And it’s the fastest and easiest way to success.

Why blaze a new trail, take missteps, and risk making the same mistakes… When you can follow a proven path?

That’s why I called it the “lazy person’s” secret. You don’t have to waste time and energy thinking about the “how.” So you can focus entirely on the “what.”

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean the actual DOING part of it — the “what” — will be easy. (I put “lazy person’s” in quotes in the title for this reason.) But modelling does minimize your risk of failure.

Think of it this way. Walking uphill is hard work, no matter how you slice it. But you could start up the mountain on your own, only to get stuck halfway up and realize you went the wrong way. Or you could look for an established path, and increase your chances of making it to the top.

Make sense?

Dawn Loses Nearly 7 Pounds in Her First 3 Weeks with Raw Food Diet

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Happy Saturday!

I had to write today because I’m really excited and can’t contain it any longer. :-)

Dawn R. just wrote me email to say she’s lost nearly 7 pounds during her first 3 weeks with raw food. Congratulations, Dawn!

She posted the story to her web site. Check it out here:


The best part is, she was able to achieve these results without drastic change. She’s been easing in with just one raw meal per day. (Now she sometimes has up to two raw meals in a day.)

OK, I have to admit… I’m just a little bit proud because she’s been using my Raw Food Diet Blueprint. :-) The important thing is, she took ACTION and is making excellent progress each day.

Would you like to lose weight in a healthy and natural way? Check out her story to see how she did it. Then just do what she did!

It’s something to think about as the holiday feasting season approaches, along with the inevitable New Year’s resolutions to do something about it!

Now I’m off to write some holiday cards…

To your success!

P.S. While you’re at Dawn’s site, be sure to look for the cute little “bug” in the top-right corner and sign up for her probiotics e-zine. I signed up, and last week’s issue was FULL of interesting information.

8 Ways To Handle Holiday Cravings on the Raw Food Diet

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Dealing with cravings is a common concern for people on the raw food diet.  And the holidays can be an especially challenging time. This is when there’s all sorts of tempting goodies available in copious quantities. It’s a magical time when sweets, seasonal treats, and other highly caloric foods come to life and actually call to you by name.

And if you’re anything like me, traditionally it’s the time when you and your family make an exception and indulge to the point of “food coma.” Couple that with cold weather that’s perfect for hot, hearty meals…

Does all this spell disaster for your raw food diet?

Just today at the office, people brought in all kinds of leftovers from the weekend.  Chili, pumpkin pie, bagels, doughnuts. I have to admit, I did stare at the carrot cake with its creamy layers of frosting for more than a few seconds.

But I didn’t do it. I resisted the temptation.

Want to know my secret? … read more »

Raw Food Restaurant & Raw Burger - Meals 11/20/2008

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Today I treated myself to lunch at Cafe Gratitude, my favorite raw food restaurant. It’s called a “raw burger” but there’s no meat involved. Everything is organic and hand made, right down to the ketchup!

(Sorry about the audio quality… Please forgive me, I’m not a professional!)

Raw Hummus Salad - Meals 11/19/2008


Salad Twists - Meals 11/18/2008

, , ,


  • Lettuce and Tomato Salad Bites


  • Salad and raw dressing sauce

Raw Sweet Potato Salad Dressing, Raw “Som Tom” - Meals 11/17/2008

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  • Salad with special dressing: raw sweet potato, banana, dates, cinnamon.


  • Raw Thai Food - “Som Tom” spicy papaya salad.
  • Raw apple cobbler.


  • Zucchini and pine nut mini wraps.

Raw Green Smoothie - Meals 11/16/2008

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Watch for the little “blooper” at the end. Oops!

The smoothie was made with spinach, lettuce, and some other green leafy things blended together with 1 banana, a splash of orange juice, and some raw walnuts. The fruit sweetens it up and masks the taste of the greens, so it’s really a painless and tasty way to get more fresh fruits and veggies in!

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